Because the next few months will go by no matter if you work out or not…. Make them count!

Sorry it’s a little later than planned but it was a bit of a mish-mash week last week and the weekend did not go as I planned at all!

It was another set of Zwift for the week getting ready to come back to work at the beginning of this week, couple of mid-week sets with an Endurance set to start me off and a 1 hour Torque session to get the legs going ready for a strict Zone 2 ride on Saturday and a 90 minute Free Ride on the Sunday. 

Training Peaks with the evil Red tiles

Well Saturday Vick and  had arranged a while ago to go and meet some friends for a BBQ, and I was going to get on the Zwift when we came home, but we stayed out a lot later (no alcohol involved!) and got back far too late and I was just knackered! So off went that set, cue Sundays 90 minute ride, and I woke up feeling like absolute pants! Remember, there was no alcohol involved on Saturday, so no it was not self-inflicted! I had a pounding headache all day that I could not get rid of, and just felt generally pants, so that’s why this blog wasn’t written either as I really couldn’t sit or stare at a computer screen!

So that was the week training done, I have come back to work on recuperative duties, and sent off my application to go to Flint House, the Police Rehabilitation Centre, so that they can hopefully work their magic on my shoulder, which means back to training properly, and no being tied to a desk at work! Flint House is an amazing facility that I have heard nothing but great things about, apparently the food is pretty decent as well! That will make a nice change to any normal ‘job’ catering!

So there we are, given that it was not a lot stuff going on last week, I thought I’d use this opportunity in the blog to introduce the coaches from Podium Addict my actual coach Gemma, (Podium Addict have two coaches, so when one is away there is always someone to look after us! I will introduce Sam in next weeks blog – wouldn’t want him getting jealous, he has some quite brutal ideas in his head apparently!) 


GEMMA (@gemsieM on twitter)

I love coaching, every athlete is unique, they encounter new challenges and react to training differently. This is what makes my job so enjoyable.

Coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all umbrella. I’ve been under that umbrella myself and found it frustrating that my training plan wasn’t really designed for me. This inspired me to take my coaching qualifications and learn how to do it properly; how to understand athletes needs and how to create a training plan that meets the athletes short, medium and long term goals.

It’s also really important to have fun and be in a community, triathlon can be a lonely sport which is why it’s important to us to have our Podium Addict Race Team!

My first year of triathlon saw me compete at the GBR (AG) Worlds and Europeans in Aquathlon and Sprint then later the Standard distance. I went on to race in several different countries and started to increase my distance. I won Silver at the Triathlon England Middle Distance Championships and Bronze at the Aquathlon Champs and have finished in the top 10 overall women at the Long Course Weekend in Wales.

I also race track and am a regular at the Velodrome.

Ironman is now my favored discipline, I love the challenges and emotions, the mental game and most of all, the feeling that “Anything Is Possible” as soon as you cross that finish line.

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